How to do packing and moving in systematic way

Packing and moving is one of the toughest job,People are getting struggled during packing and moving time so they call professional packers and movers(Professional packers and movers cochin),They are expert and professional so that they can help you to packing and move yours valuable goods but you know,you can do packing atleast in professional way to save the money.Best Packers and movers in kochi basically calculating their charge by give a eye on how many items to be packed and toughness of items to be shifted,After taking all these things they give you service cost ,they may be less or high.By packing yourself you can save money.I just give you some tips to pack items and how you can save money.

How to do packing in systematic way

How to pack crockery and electronics items during house shifting in kochi

Basically we pack valuable electronics items,furnitures,non breakable kitchen items and breakable crockery items with plastic sheet,bubble sheets,carton sheets,papares,stickable plain plastic sheets and tapes.You can pack crockery items in carton box after wrapping the items with thick paper sheets or bubble sheets,So it will be fit and safe in box.Fridge and other electronics items can be packed with bubble sheets,thermocol and plastic plain sheets as first pack,Then you can pack with carton sheet over the first pack of bubble sheets.

How we can pack furniture goods in professional way

Furniture like almirah,cot,tables and other heavy items are very difficult to move and it is risky to move without proper packing,so we must pack them to avoid damages during transportation otherwise items will be damaged.Normally you can be able to pack the furnitures with plastic sheet or bubble sheets as first pack,then you should pack with carton sheets over the first that way you can give better protection over your valuable furnitures.

How to do moving with reasonable budget

After doing all packing job,we can arrange all the items in one room,so packers and movers can easly move all the items so they will reduce charges when they all the items arranged in one place.Packing is toughest and time consuming job ,that we have done making the movers job reduced half,so service charges also will be reduced to half.By that way it is easy for you to save the money.Sevice charge is combined charges of packing,loading,transportation and unloading.In kerala trade union issues are the one of the main issue so be careful with people,they charge the union charge as they like and no other option available to avaoid these people so better to move the items in the time to save this kind of unwanted trade union charges.

How to save the service charge money of home moving in other way

It is easiest way to reduce by cut the route ,If available plz choose shortcut root to cut kilometers distance to save some money,If you are moving from kakkanad through packers and movers kakkanad to new location Trivandrum then it long distance journey from kochi to Trivandrum of approximate 230 kilometers average so you can choose one of the best route as 3 route available to move to Trivandrum.So it will be easy to save money from transportation.Toll is the one of another problem but normally it will be take care by packers and movers but if there any chance to pay then you should intimate them to include and reduce this charge.



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